4 tips and shortcuts every Microsoft Windows user should know

If you’ve been using a computer for awhile, chances are good that you’ve used Microsoft Windows operating system at some point in time. While many users are transitioning to using Apple products, Microsoft’s operating systems were much more popular over the past 5-10 years. However, many users have continued using Windows-based computers, and because of that, many of the shortcuts shown here will still be viable and beneficial for many. Plus, some of them are universal shortcuts and can be used on almost any operating system, whether that be Macintosh, Windows, or Linux.


Here are 4 helpful shortcuts and tips you should be using to be more efficient on the computer.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts. Instead of using your mouse for everything, start using your keyboard to select, copy, and paste text. By using SHIFT and arrow keys,  you can highlight text. Then, press CTRL + C to copy (or CTRL + X) to cut the selected text. Then, press CTRL + V to paste the text into a new document or new area within the existing document. Doing this can save tons of time when writing or editing papers and emails. Read more about keyboard shortcuts here.
  2. Right-click menu. The mouse right-click button is probably one of the best inventions ever. In almost any application (Windows), you can right-click to get a mini menu with options. For example, if you’re browsing a website and your cursor is near the bottom of the window, you can right click and refresh, page backwards and forwards, and perform other tasks as well. While it’s not a major amount of work to scroll your mouse back to the top, if you want to be as efficient as you can when using a computer, these shortcuts will help shave precious seconds off your tasks so you can get more done in less time.
  3. Virus and malware scans. This isn’t a shortcut, but it’s extremely vital and will save you A LOT of time and energy in the future as you continue using your computer. If you maintain an active and updated virus and malware scan running on your computer, you will prevent threats and make it so your computer doesn’t crash and explode. If you are a frequent user and go to various websites, you probably see pop-up windows from time to time. Some of these can even be prevented with the right applications. Plus, some of the most important files on your computer, like the csrss.exe file, can become damaged which can result in more than just loss of time. Data, privacy, and money can all be lost during this process too.
  4. Windows updates. While this isn’t a shortcut, it’s definitely an important tip. Keeping your software and operating system updated will prevent major issues from happening. The whole purpose of updates is because new vulnerabilities have been detected and can be closed.

Hopefully these tips and shortcuts helped you learn a bit more about how you can be more effective when using a computer. If you have any other suggestions or helpful tips for our readers, please submit them to us so we can publish them.

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